Outsourcing Your Internal Audits with Workplace One

Today, more and more organizations are outsourcing their ISO based internal audits to ensure they are more effective and provide real value. At Workplace One, you can draw on 25 years of experience to know that your internal audits are as effective as possible and truly improving your quality management. All of our auditors have extensive experience conducting third party audits for internationally recognized Registrars.

Benefit of Outsourcing with Workplace One

  • MINIMAL INTERNAL EFFORT. Leaves you free to focus on your business and core activities. We provide everything you need for one low cost.
  • NO WORRIES ABOUT MAINTAINING YOUR CERTIFICATION. We make sure you are in control and discuss any potential problems with your registration.
  • KNOWN COSTS. We provide a firm fixed price quote — no surprises. No need to spend money and time on training internal auditors.
  • EXPERT AUDITS. We are expert professional qualified auditors. Every auditor we use is an RAB qualified auditor. We only provide auditors that have practical experience in your industry.
  • NO NON-CONFORMANCE DURING YOUR EXTERNAL AUDIT. We uncover all non-conformances prior to your external audit. We then support the correction of the non-conformances.
  • SUPPORTIVE AUDIT APPROACH. We support, train and consult on your system as we are performing audits. We help your employees prepare for their ISO audit and resolve their ISO questions and all issues.
  • WIDELY EXPERIENCED AUDITORS. Meaningful business advice based on our wide ranging experience. We identify improvement and simplification opportunities.
  • GUARANTEED COMPLIANT. We guarantee that our findings will meet your registrar’s requirements. If required, we will work with you Registrar to explain any non-conformances uncovered in the external audit.
  • ONGOING SUPPORT. We provide an ongoing resource for questions about your system and will support you in case your registrar has difficult questions for you during your audit.

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If you’re interested in learning more about the program, contact us today! Interested in learning more about how we do business? Click here to learn what makes Workplace One the right choice for your business.