Different and Better

Workplace One values people, focuses on process, and uses appropriate technology to deliver outstanding results and create lasting value for our clients.

Most companies profess to be different and better than their competitors and we’re no exception. In our case, our competitive advantage boils down to fundamentals: what we do, how we do it, our people, our business practices, the tools and techniques we use, and the results we achieve.

  • What We Do: The heart and soul of our company is in operations management. We specialize in process improvement and in bringing about process, organizational, and cultural changes that can lead to a state of operating excellence. And while we also have strong capabilities in the strategy and customer satisfaction disciplines, the point of execution is, and will always be, our principal focus.
  • How We Do It: We are well versed in traditional and current in emerging methodologies (Lean, Six Sigma, etc). But, most of all, we draw on a wealth of experience acquired by completing hundreds of projects for our clients since 1990. We know what works and how to use it to best advantage for our clients. That’s why we tailor our approach to every single engagement and why we so frequently exceed expectations.
  • Our People: Our people are well-trained and very experienced. They possess excellent analytical and inter-personal skills that enable them to readily identify and resolve operational shortcomings and communicate effectively at all levels of a client’s organization. The majority of our staff has been with us from day one and year-in and year-out they are continually rated “exceptional” in client satisfaction surveys.
  • Our Business Practices: Rather than presuming to know your business and issues well enough to propose a solution, let alone a fee, in a vacuum, normally, we’ll first conduct a gap assessment or analysis to collect first-hand information from which we’ll make an educated proposal.

We stand accountable for delivering projected results every week, in the absence of which, after paying us for that week, you are free to terminate our engagement without further obligation. We take pride in doing the whole job from diagnosis to design and full implementation, which produces lasting sustainable results sooner.

Our goal is to provide the most value-added business improvement services available in North America matched only by our unparalleled client service. Over ninety-five percent of our clients have told us they would recommend us to a colleague. We measure the satisfaction of every client engagement.

Throughout our relationship, an Account Manager is assigned to your account. Their role is as follows:

  • A single number to call to discuss all aspects of your project
  • Coordination of all elements of the project
  • Management of the invoicing process to ensure accuracy and timeliness
  • One stop contact for all administrative and operational issues
  • Scheduling and confirmation of all work days

Our History

In January 1990, (MDA) was started in Guelph, Ontario. MDA, now called Workplace One Consulting Inc. has grown through various name changes and acquisitions to one of North America’s premier consulting organization in the area of Quality improvement.

The heart and soul of our company is operations management and quality improvement. We specialize in business performance improvement based on making process, organizational, and cultural changes that, when properly implemented, will lead to a state of operational excellence.

We earned our reputation by rolling up our sleeves and working side-by-side with our clients to improve their operating and support processes. Our core strengths are identifying and eliminating waste, reducing cost, increasing productivity and throughput, improving yields, and improving quality.

Our Methodologies and Techniques

Since 1990, we’ve developed a set of methods we use during the course of an engagement to first drive, and then sustain, operational improvements. Our methods are custom-configured for each client and engagement.

Historically, we’ve consistently delivered outstanding results in the course of completing the vast majority of our major implementation engagements. We are big believers in tying the value of the operational improvements we make to our clients’ financial metrics and live or die based on the quality and consistency of the results we achieve. Over seventy percent of our business stems from existing clients is testimony to how well we’ve succeeded.

We have developed a strong customer satisfaction process designed to collect regular metrics that are used in our internal improvement efforts. This includes:

  • An annual comprehensive customer survey is sent to all clients covering all of the aspects of the service provided to our clients
  • Every client is contacted within two weeks of completing the project to ensure there were no problems with our service and we met their expectations
  • Regular focus groups of clients and non-clients are held to better understand the ongoing and emerging requirements of our industry