Work cell design is a very critical lean tool in that it allows organizations to move away from the traditional batch and queue principles of processing products or services.  By developing methods that allow us to get closer and closer to the world class processing concept of “make one move one” we are then allowed to reduce our inventories which frees up working floor space, reduces the costs of inventories, increases throughput and dramatically reduces lead time to the customer.

The on-site course teaches participants the value of one-piece-flow and what it can do for their organizations.  It also helps them to recognize the risks associated with partial application of this concept.  Participants will have the opportunity to apply their new knowledge in creating a real life cell design on one of the organizations in-house business units that when implemented, will improve throughput, reduce floor space requirements and shrink the cost of inventories to better meet the needs of the customers.

With eighteen years plus experience in cell development and implementation, our facilitators are eager to help you feel the power and flexibility cell manufacturing brings to an organization.  In addition to the training activity, Lean Velocity is willing and able to facilitate the actual change process with our clients.

Program Details
Traditionally two days is all that is needed to complete this training and development of the in-house cell design and implementation plan.  Broader scope initiatives will take additional time.  A simple phone call will determine if any additional time is required.

Program Objectives

  • Understanding of how work cells operate.
  • Calculating the benefits of work cell designs.
  • Determining how work cells will improve through-put.
  • Understanding the prerequisites of developing work cells.
  • Work cell implementation techniques.
  • Calculating the real impact of the new in-house cell design.
  • Development of the real cell implementation plan.

Who Should Attend
The target audience for this course is Owners, Managers, Front Line Supervisors and Lead Hands.

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