If there is one tool in a Lean journey that cannot be left out, or in any way compromised, it is Value Stream Mapping. Without the value stream map, deciding on what needs to be changed in the organization and meet the future business demands would be a crap shoot at best. More than one company has gone straight to tools application, believing that any change will help the company be better than they are. That belief couldn’t be further from the truth.

A well developed Value Stream Map provides the reader with objective based information that tells a story about the current state of operations.  When we listen to and believe the story that the map is telling us, deciding on what needs to be done and in which order it needs to be done in, becomes very easy.

The Value Stream Map becomes the map and compass pointing us in the right direction so we can find our way out of the forest of confusion and frustration.

A well drawn map will be based on factual information observed during the walk- through of the process being mapped.  Validating observations through analysis of historical data can be helpful but avoid the temptation to use this historical data only to create the map.  Historical data has a tendency to be outdated and could create problems with the order in which changes are made.

As you walk the process, listen closely to the people performing the various tasks within the value stream. They provide the best description of reality and reality is what you need to create the most accurate map.

Value Stream Mapping Tips

  • Always walk the process as you draw the map the need is strong enough someone in your business field will figure out how to provide the customer with the value they require.
  • Draw in pencil to allow changes to be made easier.
  • Consult the current process step owner to understand how the process step is currently being performed.
  • Listen to what the map tells you and believe it.
  • The current state map is just the way we do things today, anything can be changed if the need is strong enough.
  • Someone in your business field will figure out how to provide the customer with the value they require.

Lean Velocity’s Value Stream Mapping Course Summary
This seminar teaches the foundational element of Lean Business and how to use the Value Stream Mapping tool.  This tool allows us to see the flow of the Value Stream, in a graphic format, as we are operating today.  Upon completion of this course, participants will have the ability to draw the Current-State of their organization, determine what the Future State needs to be and develop the game plan to get there.

Program Details
The course duration is two days. The course will consist of a lecture presentation format with open discussion around participant’s particular situations. The course will also include hands on activities.

Program Objectives

  • Uncovers the secrets of “flow” through the use of objective data.
  • Teaches the skill of developing a current state map.
  • Helps participants to analyze and detect roadblocks to flow.
  • Teaches the skill of determining an effective future state for the organization.
  • Prepares the participants to develop the needed action plan to achieve the future state.

Who Should Attend
The target audience for this course is Owners, Managers, Front Line Supervisors and Lead Hands.

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