Project Overview
The objective of any lean activity is to increase the velocity of information and material flows to consistently meet the ever-changing demands of the customer. With the Rapid Lean Implementation Program your company will be exposed to the tools of Lean in a hands on environment and will discover the secrets of “flow” through the use of objective data.

The Rapid Lean Implementation Program will provide your organization with measurable improvements to the Value Stream in a fast-paced, high-impact format. From Senior Executives through the entire organization, everyone that comes in contact with the value stream will feel the effects of dramatic improvements in a very short period of time.

Our program is designed to rapidly drive out waste leaving behind the value creating steps that your customer is interested in paying for. We incorporate the basic principles of lean, current and future state Value Stream Maps, a detailed Action Plan and Kaizen as the tools necessary to identify and eliminate waste. These team-based methods will assist in transforming the culture into one with a bias for action.
Lean Velocity will be there to assist the Value Stream Leader every step of the way!

Program Details
The course duration is 6 hours. The course will consist of a lecture presentation format with open discussion around participant’s particular situations.

Delivery of the Rapid Lean Implementation Program:

This seminar describes the five ‘Principles of Lean Business’ in language that makes sense in our current competitive global situations. It addresses not only the need for rapid evolution of the way we have to conduct business but it also takes into consideration the critical role of human capital in the actual implementation of lean tools and techniques. Some of the “take-away’s” are the clear recognition of the types of paradigm shifts that are necessary for successful lean launches and how to create the action plans to release the energy in the workforce to achieve rapid change.

The second half of Day 1 will include an assessment of the organizations current ability to sustain changes to business processes and systems. The assessment will include a session with the Senior Management Team, a review of the current performance metrics and an assessment of past change initiatives.

During this step the participants will be taught the foundational element of Lean Business and how to use the Value Stream Mapping tool. This tool allows us to see the flow of the Value Stream, in a graphic format, as we are operating today. Upon completion of this course, participants will have the ability to draw the Current State of their organization, determine what the Future State needs to be and develop the game plan to get there.

Step 4
Using the time-tested method of team-based problem solving our facilitators will take your company on a journey of rapid waste reduction during a series of Kaizen “blitzes”. The Kaizen Events will be based on the Detailed Action Plan and will involve teams of people from your organization that will be tasked with optimizing the flow of information and material.

Step 5: ASSESSMENT (Optional)
Lean Velocity will return to your site six weeks following the last Kaizen Event to assess the teams’ effectiveness in incorporating the new work methods into the existing culture and the teams’ ability to deliver sustainable Value Stream improvements. The assessment will include individuals from all levels of the organization as well as a review of the Key Performance Indicators. Upon completion of the assessment the company will receive a recommended list of actions and timeline for implementation.

Who Should Attend
The target audience for this course is Owners, Managers, Front Line Supervisors and Lead Hands.

The prerequisite for this training would be an Introduction to Lean course.

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