Project Overview
‘Lean Launch Strategies’ is a 1-day course designed for Senior Executives that educates participants on how to best apply lean principles to combat the competitive forces that affect organizations today. In addition the session points out the role ‘work culture’ plays in the successful implementation of the various lean strategies and tools application with the ultimate goal being improved competitiveness and global performance.

Developed for those responsible for choosing the new direction for their organization or enterprise.  This program focuses on understanding the application of Lean Principles and how to mobilize the management team to create the desired results. ‘Lean Launch Strategies’ provides Senior Executives with the knowledge and roadmap necessary to begin and sustain the implementation of Lean in their organization.

Program Details
The course duration is one day. The course will consist of a lecture presentation format with open discussion around participant’s particular situations.

Program Objectives
This course will provide answers to these questions:

  • What are the Lean Principles and how are they applied in today’s business world?
  • Is our internal ‘business culture’ capable of adopting Lean Principles as our operational methodology?
  • What is the role of the executive in charge?
  • What are the resource requirements necessary to adopt the Lean Principles?
  • In which order are the Lean Tools applied and what is their strategic relationship to each other?

The prerequisite for this training would be an Introduction to Lean course.

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