Make sure your strategy guides your organization to success.

The course is an overview of the process of strategic planning for those who want a review of the fundamentals of the planning process.  Participants will learn the elements of a strategic plan and the process of how it can be successfully implemented throughout the organization.

How you will benefit:

  • Understand what objectives of a strategic planning process mean to an organization
  • Learn key concepts and the elements involved in strategic planning
  • Discover a methodology and approach to develop and implement a strategic plan throughout your organization
  • Discover how a strategic plan is embraced throughout the organization
  • Recognize techniques companies use to assess their current and future environment
  • Identify specific ways employees contribute to their organization’s strategic plan and process

You will learn:

  • A complete methodology that can be used to create and implement a strategic plan throughout your organization
  • The typical elements of a strategic plan
  • How to develop a mission and vision for your organization
  • How to develop values and organizational objectives
  • The importance of measurement
  • How strategy provides direction for employees, customers and stakeholders
  • How to assess your operating environment
  • How strategy is implemented and deployed effectively throughout your organization
  • The value of aligning every member of the organization within the strategic objectives of the organization

Who should attend: Managers and supervisors who want to expand their management skill set and anyone who wishes to become involved in the creation and implementation of a strategic plan.

Length: 1 Day

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