Overworked? Overwhelmed? You are not alone. All of us are looking for success and satisfaction, one way or another. And a little peace and quiet wouldn’t hurt either. But that’s not so easy these days with more and more demands being placed on you, both at work and at home. You have even more demands on you if you are a manager or business owner.

No matter how organized you think you are, this course will help you become more efficient of your time. Time management isn’t about managing time. It’s about managing yourself in the time you have been given. Get control of your work and your life. Become efficient and effective.

Imagine you have been presented a gift of a million dollars. How will it change your life?  What will it do to your career? To your family? To your concept of yourself? How will it change the way you spend each day?

Perhaps you, like many other people have failed to realize that you receive — every day — a gift that holds the potential of a million-dollar impact on your life.  That gift is twenty-four hours of time which you may spend however you choose for profit and for pleasure.

Your supply of time is equal to that given to the wealthiest tycoon, or the street person with no home. Because time is perishable, it cannot be saved or stored up. Whether you use it productively and wisely or waste it foolishly, it is used up each day.

In this seminar you will learn:

  • The difference between action and accomplishment
  • How to set up a “To Do List”
  • The basics of the “T.R.A.F. System”
  • Fifty-three time-saving tips
  • Typical time wasters
  • Problem solving and decision making skills
  • How to conduct staff meetings properly
  • How goal setting and time management go hand-in-hand
  • How communication affects time management, and more.

Who should attend: This course is indented for all management levels. Front line employees will also benefit from this one-day course.

Length: 1 Day

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