This hands-on course provides the participants the ability to prepare for and improve their own competency in a managerial role.

Each module presents a unique five-step model for assessing, learning, analyzing, practicing and applying the skills to build the foundation for effective management practice.  Building on personal, interpersonal, and group skills, the course helps the participant learn the skills that turn good ideas into accepted practice – and good management.

The course is comprised of the following ten three-hour modules:

Personal Skills

1. Developing Self-Awareness

  • Key Dimensions of Self-Assessment
  • The Enigma of Self Awareness
  • Understanding and Appreciating Differences
  • Important Areas of Self Awareness
  • Emotional Intelligence
2. Managing Personal Stress

  • Improving the Management of Stress and Time
  • Major Elements of Stress
  • Managing Stress
  • Eliminating Stressors
  • Developing Resiliency
  • Temporary Stress Reduction Techniques
3. Solving Problems

  • Problem Solving, Creativity and Innovation
  • Steps in Problem Solving
  • Impediments to Problem Solving
  • Multiple Approaches to Creativity
  • Conceptual Blocks
  • Fostering Creativity in Others

Interpersonal Skills

4. Building Relationships Through Communication

  • Building Positive Interpersonal Relationships
  • The Importance of Effective Communication
  • Coaching and Counseling
  • Principles of Supportive Communication
  • The Personal Management Interview
5. Gaining Power and Influence

  • Building a Strong Power Base
  • Strategies for Gaining Organizational Power
  • Transforming Power into Influence
6. Motivating Others

  • Increasing Motivation and Performance
  • Diagnosing Work Performance Problems
  • Enhancing Individuals’ Abilities
  • Fostering a Motivating Work Environment
  • Elements of an Effective Motivation Program
7. Managing Conflict

  • Interpersonal Conflict Management
  • Diagnosing the Type of Interpersonal Conflict
  • Selecting the Appropriate Conflict Management Approach
  • Resolving Interpersonal Conflict

Empowering and Delegating

8. Empowering and Delegating

  • Empowering and Delegating
  • The Meaning of Empowerment
  • Dimensions of Empowerment
  • How to Develop Empowerment
  • Inhibitors of Empowerment
  • Delegating Work
9. Building Effective Teams and Teamwork

  • The Advantage of Teams
  • Team Development
  • Leading Teams
  • Team Membership
10. Leading Positive Change

  • Leading Positive Change
  • The Need for Frameworks
  • Tendencies Toward Stability
  • A Framework for Leading Positive Change

Who should attend: People wanting to be in or are already in supervisory or managerial roles.

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