Six Sigma is one the most popular and effective methodologies available for improving the performance of any organization by minimizing the defects in its products or services. Every error committed, has a cost associated to it in form of losing customers, redoing a task, replacing a part, waste time/material or losing efficiency.

The Six Sigma methodology was first endorsed at Motorola in the mid-1980s. The company was trying to devise a methodology that could measure defects at a granular level and thus help reduce these defects. This resulted in an astounding increase in the quality levels of several Motorola products.  Motorola shared the Six Sigma secret openly, and soon various companies started reaping rewards.By 2003, total combined savings accumulated to over $100 billion.

Topics include:

  • The DMAIC Process
  • Benefits of Six Sigma
  • Getting Started
  • How to Deploy Six Sigma Throughout your Organization

Who should attend: Managers, supervisors, and process owners who require an introduction to six sigma business improvement tools and concepts.

Length: 1/2 Day

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