This course is a “hands on” experiential learning environment that teaches the eight steps of organized and effective problem solving.  It is designed for those organizations that see the value of employee involvement and want their teams to have the skills to work through operational problems and come up with effective long term solutions.  Teams are given a business problem to solve, then taught the necessary tools to enable them to come up with an effective solution.  The course walks the participants through the standard steps of problem resolution, guiding them to use the appropriate tools and make their decisions based on what their obtained data tells them in combination with what they know about their own operations.

Program Details
The course duration is two days. The course will consist of a lecture presentation format with open discussion around participant’s particular situations.

Program Objectives

  • Use of the standard business problem solving model used in most organizations today.
  • The establishment of effective problem solving teams.
  • How to identify various team responsibilities.
  • The proper application of basic problem solving tools.
  • Effective methods of data collection.
  • The implementation of effective defect containment actions.
  • The identification of root cause.
  • The application of analysis tools.
  • Generation, selection and implementation of best corrective actions.
  • Preventing the recurrence of initial problems.

Who Should Attend
The target audience for this course is Owners, Managers, Front Line Supervisors and Lead Hands.

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