The one-day workshop will introduce 5S project planning and 5S process tools, encouraging hands on training utilizing class room instruction and project simulations. The class, working in teams, will participate in discussions and workshops for a “hands-on approach.

The implementation of a successful 5S program will support your Continuous Improvement and Operating Cost reduction initiatives

Upon successful completion of this program participants will:

  • Be introduced to the purpose and requirements of 5S
  • Understand the project planning process, requirements and responsibilities
  • Establish and understand project management requirements complete with timing, responsibilities and measurable targets
  • Recognize waste within the target process and provide improvement recommendations
  • Understand the steps and tools required to implement a successful 5S program.
  • Process Steps
    • Sort
    • Set in Order
    • Shine
    • Standardize and
    • Sustain
  • Process Tools
    • Project Planning -(Proposal and Charter)
    • Management Commitment Checklist
    • 5S Process task lists
    • Data Collection worksheets and maps
    • 7 Waste
    • Red Tag process tools
    • Standard operating procedures

Who should attend: Process owners, team leaders, supervisors and individuals tasked with 5S implementation. Assigned Managers, Project Champions, and Cross functional Core Team.

Prerequisite: A general working knowledge of the core tools is beneficial. Individuals should also be familiar with the products and manufacturing processes of their organization.

Length: 1 Day

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