Our team of professionals has worked with thousands of organizations in the audit and implementation of management systems around the world.

Utilizing this expertise, we have developed a supplier quality and performance assessment program that provides seamless integration to an organization’s supplier assessment program, helping them achieve improved supplier performance and quality.

In utilizing our supplier quality and performance assessment services, your organization accesses our comprehensive services and expertise, which include:

  • Fully accredited Lead Auditors capable of providing audits to your suppliers specific EAC / SIC scopes
  • Customized supplier audits based upon your supplier management processes / procedures, and supplier performance and evaluation criteria
  • Integration of applicable ISO 9001:2008 requirements into the supplier audit process
  • Detailed supplier audit reports back to your organization, providing invaluable information essential for improving supplier performance
  • Providing corrective action review to your supplier, ensuring that non-conformances are resolved

Making WP1 your value-added partner allows you to take advantage of WP1’s expertise as a tool for improving your supply chain performance, while simultaneously relieving the time and financial burden supplier management activities place upon your organization.

Benefits include:

  • Reduced direct costs associated with your organization’s supplier management activities
  • Objective and experienced third-party insight to supplier performance & compliance
  • Identification of opportunities for improvement in your suppliers’ performance
  • Measurement against industry-recognized supplier performance objectives
  • Facilitation of knowledge transfer between your organization and the supplier base, as well as between suppliers
  • Ability to customize your deliverables

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