Every process can be measured by time, cost and quality.

How efficient are your organization’s processes in delivering your product or service to your customers? How do your processes meet the cost, time and quality that you expect? Do you manage your processes and ensure they are operating effectively and efficiently?

Processes are one of the most important factors in the day-to-day operations of any successful organization. Process Mapping is a must in today’s ever-improving, customer- focused, quality-driven environment.Process Improvement

Business process mapping is a procedure whereby the steps in a business process are clarified and documented in both written and visual form in a flow chart. Information about the process is gathered and compiled and the steps in the process are laid out from left to right and top to bottom, with specific shapes used to denote specific process components (decision points, documentation, etc.).

Process mapping has many forms today.  It has become one of the most important improvement tools and technique for organizations today.

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