Our approach to management system implementation is comprehensive, flexible, and affordable. Our consultants maintain a 100% success rate of attaining registration upon first attempt.

We are a full service provider of consulting, training, document preparation and project implementation. We’ve re-thought the typical approaches to consulting and avoid the pitfalls that can be associated with such an important organizational change. We use a proven methodology (used and refined over six hundred times) to implement while customizing the project for each client. WP1 focuses on your strategic goals, requirements and company culture to create the right implementation approach.

Unlike most consultants who provide generic documentation templates, with WP1 your management system will reflect the way you do business. We focus on creating complete, customized and compliant documentation by interviewing your internal process owners. These key employees take ownership of the documentation and system while WP1 becomes your expert resource. Your business disruption is reduced because your employees rely on us to write the documentation and provide an efficient, effective management system.

Our main objective is to help your organization create a management system that is more than just compliant, but rather providing multiple benefits as well. If you want to do it right, you’ll seek assistance from experts that re-think the way typical consulting and training is provided.

After all – we’ve been successful over six hundred times.

Our full line of implementation services includes:

  • On-site Gap Assessment
  • Implementation Planning and Organizing
  • Planning and Organizing the Implementation
  • Training – Management, Employee and Implementation team member training programs
  • Process Analysis & Documentation
  • Process Mapping
  • Selection of Registrar
  • Corrective and preventative action processes
  • Internal Audit systems
  • Management Review
  • Pre-registration audit

We have implemented systems based on the following standards:

  • ISO 9000 – Quality Improvement
  • TS 16949 – Quality Improvement
  • QS 9000 – Quality Improvement
  • AS 9100 – Quality Improvement
  • ISO 14000 – Environmental
  • OHSAS 18000 – Health & Safety
  • ISO 13485 – Medical Device
  • ISO 27000 – Information Security
  • ISO 22000 – Food Safety and Quality
  • HACCP – Food Safety and Quality
  • NQI Quality Systems
  • Malcolm Baldrige systems
  • Key Steps to your ISO Management Systems implementation

Planning Phase

  • GAP ASSESSMENT: We typically conduct an assessment of the existing system or practices in place. We then provide a detailed assessment of what is required to formalize the existing system and become registered. WP1 will create a detailed project plan that will outline every milestone and its scheduled start and completion date. At any point in time, you will know if the project is on time, behind or ahead of schedule. The information is generally presented to senior management.
  • KICKOFF SESSION: An initial meeting with the implementation team and the key process owners to map out what documentation must be created or updated and how the project will be rolled out (range: 4 to 12 months, depending on the standard). This sets the expectations of the project, the roles and responsibilities of each participant, and results in the creation of a documentation plan.
  • DOCUMENT PLAN: The Documentation Plan is a tool which lists all of the documentation to be created and states the following information for each document:
    • related requirement of the standard
    • document control number
    • process owner
    • development status
    • comments
  • REGISTRAR SELECTION: We have successful experience and a positive relationship and knowledge of virtually every registrar in North America. We will help you select a short-list of registrars for you. If required, we can help you draft and send a request for bid to any number of registrars. Then, we can review and evaluate submissions with you. The final choice is ultimately yours.

Development and Implementation Phase

  • DOCUMENT CONTROL: We will create or update your document control system to ensure compliance to the appropriate management standard. This includes the creation of the procedure and the subsequent employee training.
  • QUALITY MANUAL: As a requirement of most management systems, your organization will require a quality (or environmental, etc.) manual that summarizes how the organization is managed. This manual includes your policies, an organizational chart, and a review of your management procedures. Unlike most consulting companies, we customize your manual to reflect your specific requirements. The manual can describe the organization in a way that new employees or key clients can understand without reading all of your procedures. The manual often addresses the requirements of management standards directly and becomes the first level of documentation.
  • PROCEDURES: The vast majority of the project will be the creation, training and implementation of company procedures. These procedures are referenced in the quality manual and the document plan.Procedures explain who should be doing what, when and where. These overall management procedures may be departmental and often cut across many departments.
  • WORK INSTRUCTIONS AND QUALITY RECORDS: Work Instructions often take the form of process maps, checklists, logs, forms, user manuals, diagrams, blue prints, change requests, reports, schedules and charts.If referenced in a procedure, we will ensure that the document will be controlled by including it in the document plan.

Training Phase

  • COMPANY WIDE OVERVIEW: We provide a company-wide introduction to all employees to explain the benefits of the management system, how the management system will apply to their job, how to implement procedures, and how to prepare and participate for an audit of the management system.
  • INTERNAL AUDITOR TRAINING: we will train the required number of your employees to become your internal auditors. We have two to four day courses depending on the complexity of the standard. The training includes an introduction to the entire management system standard, auditing principles, case studies, sample auditing materials, and completion certificates.

Auditing Phase

  • INTERNAL AUDITOR SUPPORT: we can provide valuable assistance while mentoring your internal auditors through their first internal audit. WP1 will ensure that the audit is thorough, that the proper reports are made, and that each auditor is comfortable with the process.
  • PRE-AUDIT PREPARATION AND ATTENDANCE: After the internal audit, we will assist the auditing team and key process owners to ensure that all corrective actions have been made and that the entire organization is prepared for the pre-registration audit.
  • FINAL AUDIT PREPARATION AND ATTENDANCE: we will prepare your organization for the final audit with the registrar. After preparing for the audit, we can participate in the audit to ensure that the audit runs smoothly and that any minor findings can be immediately corrected.

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