Workplace One announces plans for a ISO 50001 Group Training and Consulting program. Similar to the group learning programs developed and operated successfully by WP1 over the past twenty years, WP1 has developed a new program designed to support organizations wanting to become registered to the ISO 50001 standard.

The ISO 50001 Group Training and Consulting Program

“We have reduced electricity consumption by over 11 million kilowatt hours (approximately the same amount of energy used by 1100 Canadian homes in one year) with over $3 million in savings. We modified our existing systems and developed programs in-house to maximize internal and external opportunities in Energy Management.”

Jim Storey, Electrical Maintenance Manager and E=MC2 Co-leader – St. Mary’s Cement

It is estimated that energy savings of up to 20% for those organizations that effectively implement an energy management system.

We have designed training and consulting process for organizations to become certified to the new standard. Our program is designed for twelve organizations to work together over a twelve month period to implement the new ISO 50001standard.

Our program is simple. We work with twelve organizations over a twelve month time period and facilitate the implementation of a Energy Management System based on the principles of the new ISO 50001 standard. At the end of the twelve months, each firm will be ready to be registered to the standard.

Our new process is based on our consortium learning model that includes the following monthly services:

Session Number Session Name Topics Covered
1 Introduction Overview of program
2 Gap Assessment An assessment of the existing energy management system and practices of each participating organization. This is conducted at the participant’s facility.
3 Presentation of results The results of the gap assessment are presented to the senior management of the participating organization at their facility. The results of the gap audit are used to develop an implementation plan.
4 Overview Training A group training session is held to explain ISO 50001. The session should be attended by senior management and those employees directly responsible for the implementation of the energy management system of each participating organization.
5 Management Responsibility The purpose of this group training session will be to present the requirements and responsibilities of management in the implementation and operation of an ISO 50001 energy management system. This will include: Roles, Specific responsibilities, authority, project scope and the development of an energy policy.
6 System Planning This group training session will cover the development of the following: development of an energy profile, baseline, performance indicators, legal and other requirements, objectives, targets, and action plans.
7 Group Reporting Session At this group session, each of the participating organizations will present their progress to date.
8 System implementation and Operation At this group training session, the following requirements will be presented: Document requirements, control of documents, operational controls, communication and the purchasing of energy.
9 Checking Performance At this group training session, the following topics are covered: requirements for monitoring, measurement and analysis. In addition, the operation of an internal audit process is discussed.
10 Checking Performance At this session, the following topics are presented: how to identify and manage non-conformances. Also the process of establishing an effective management review process will be presented. Finally, how to create a process for corrective and preventative action will be provided.
11 Group Reporting Session At this group session, each of the participating organizations will present their progress to date.
12 Project Support Each of the participating organizations will be allowed to schedule three on-site days of personalized coaching and consulting support throughout the life of the project.
13 Pre-Registration Audit At this stage, a pre-registration audit will be conducted at each of the participating organizations. The results of the audit will be presented to the senior management team of each organization at the conclusion of the audit.
14 Post Registration Support After the actual Registration audit, the consultant will meet with each of the organizations for a half day to review the findings and develop an action plan to eliminate all non-conformances.
15 Registration All participating organizations successfully registration to ISO 50001