Workplace One Consulting Inc. is a full-service ISO management system consulting, auditing and training organization with decades of experience in international management system standards.

We have helped over six hundred organizations successfully prepare for ISO registration since 1990. Whether you need a quick and simple ISO certificate, cost effective internal auditing or a complicated process improvement program – we are right for you.

Our ISO Broker Service

Looking for an ISO Registrar. Not sure your existing contract is working for you. We will take care of every detail in identifying and negotiating for a new Registrar. We provide the most cost effective alternative offered by today’s Registrars.
Our basic service includes the following:

  1. We meet with you to determine your exact requirements for a Registrar. At the meeting, we will provide you with the exact minimum documentation that is required.
  2. We perform a detailed calculation based on the specific industry guidelines to determine the actual number of audit days required for your organization and ensure your existing Registrar is giving you the maximum amount of deductions.
  3. We select and negotiate a contract with a minimum of three potential Registrars. We manage this process on your behalf so you do not have to do anything.
  4. We evaluate the registration proposal against your actual requirements and existing contract to document potential annual savings. Savings are typically found in the day rate, the number of days and the amount of auditor travel time and expenses.
  5. We evaluate the audit team suggested by the potential Registrars to determine ability and costs.
  6. We meet with you to present our findings and review our recommendations.
  7. Once you have selected a Registrar, we meet with your management representative to decide on the transfer process. If necessary, we provide you with the documentation to cancel your existing registration agreement.

We conduct an annual customer satisfaction telephone survey with all of your sites and provide you with a written report. We inform the Registrar and request an improvement plan. In additional to our ISO Registration brokerage business, we provide the following services:

  1. Internal audit service
  2. Contract Quality Assurance Support
  3. Contract ISO Coordination support
  4. Attend and participate in Registration annual audit
  5. Implementation of management systems

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